I'm Still Here! And, It Appears, You Are Too.

LOL remember when I was going to change the world with a newsletter?

Writing is hard. And for freelance writers there’s the extra job of having to sort through the one million different ways to get your words out there once you’ve written them—Medium, Substack, pitching and pitching and pitching to thousands of outlets and hoping someone reads your email and says, “Yes, sure, you can write this I guess. Here is $5.”

When I started a Substack newsletter 100 years ago I was like, “This is it! This is how my words will travel through the world!” Oh, those were the days. I jumped and told myself I’d figure it out later. Practically a year since my last post.

So while I am still trying to sort out exactly what I am going to do and where—a newsletter? a book? a personal diary i tuck under my mattress because the idea of anyone anywhere reading what i have to say right now is debilitating?—I recently posted a few new things on Medium, including this kind reminder to prioritize your mental health, especially right now:

You Can’t Fix Everything and That’s OK
A kind of, sort of gentle reminder to prioritize your own mental health in the midst of the pandemic

I wrote it for me. But you might find it helpful, too. I hope you’ll read it.

And here are a couple oldies from The Stranger—which you can still read on The Stranger—but are also now on Medium because who knows what’s going to happen to media in 2020 and I would be heartbroken if I lost these for some reason.

Sugar Rush
I’ve never smoked cigarettes, I’ve never smoked pot, I’ve never had a drink. But I definitely have a substance-abuse problem.

The Long Winter
All about the time I attempted to bake 106 different kinds of Martha Stewart holiday cookies in two months. People laughed and said I was crazy. Well, I was crazy.


This newsletter isn’t dead, I’m not dead either. There’s just some sorting and thinking and planning to do. Thanks for liking me and/or my writing enough to put up with yet one more occasional email in your inbox. Sincerely. The world is so weird and I’m glad we’re here together.