Hi! I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Megan Seling — Seling rhymes with “feeling” — and I’m a culture writer living Nashville, TN.

I wrote for The Stranger in Seattle for 13 years and was the culture editor at the Nashville Scene for four years. I’ve also contributed to Wondering Sound (RIP), Rookie (RIP again) and Paste. These days I am a full-time freelance writer with more thoughts and feelings than my brain can hold, hence this newsletter, aka Seling’s Feelings, aka a LiveJournal that could eventually make me a little $$$ someday.

So what can you expect if you subscribe? A little bit of everything, tbh. Sometimes I write essays about mental health, other times I review limited-edition Oreos. I’m also constantly thinking about music, misogyny, hockey players that look like zoo animals and baking things into other things, so get ready for all kinds of playlists, rants about sexism and the occasional recipe. And will there be the occasional photo of my dog, Johnny Waffles? Goddamn right there will be.

Things might get weird and they might get sad but I hope this ride will also be hilarious, relatable and entertaining.

Sound good? Great. Let’s be friends.